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Maintenance, Repair, Testing and Overhaul on Site - Schenck Japan

  • Fast maintenance by experienced service technicians
  • Perfect repair
  • Cost-efficient services
  • Speedy elimination of faults
  • Advice and assistance for all your balancing questions
  • Technicians trained in the most current technical knowledge
Systematic Service
We check and adjust balancing systems, mass centering machines or moment weighing scales, spintesting or diagnostic stands according to work schedules drawn up in cooperation with you on the basis of the specific requirements of your system. At the same time we can also upgrade the mechanical or electrical/electronic systems, install software updates and exchange spare parts, if required. And what‘s more: Hotline Support service is a free part of the service contract.

Wire or action support
In many cases, we will be able to help you directly on the phone. Where this is not possible, we will organize the support you require quickly and un-bureaucratically. Our objective is to get your machines up and running as soon as possible to enable you to save cost and time. 
You will gain even more security and higher productivity through a contractually agreed response time. That way you can be sure that your machine will be producing again within a fixed time – for example, 24 hours.

Service Hotline
Over 200 service technicians worldwide are ready to assist you professionally. One of them is in your area and will be able to help you when things are getting desperate. A tight technical support network and short distances help to avoid breakdowns and enable faults to be eliminated rapidly – with confidence. 

A complete list of world-wide contacts can be found in the “Information” chapter in this catalog. When things get hot, call Schenck RoTec’s service hotline:

Phone: +49 6151 / 32 3083
Fax: +49 6151 / 32 3081
E-mail: service.rotec@schenck.net
Internet: www.schenck-rotec.de/helpdesk/
A balancing machine or diagnostic system is the intelligent combination of perfect mechanics, precision electronics and functional software. Therefore, you need someone with in-depth familiarity with this system to service your balancing machine quickly, expertly and cost-efficiently. 

Schenck RoTec service experts know all the fine points of balancing and diagnostics “inside out“, figuratively speaking. Practical knowledge and experience, information and regular further training are a matter of course for our service technicians.

Clear advantages through preventive maintenance
To ensure maximum availability of your machines and systems, Schenck RoTec offers you regular inspection within the framework of a service contract. With this periodic testing by our well-trained service team you can ensure trouble-free production, repair and testing processes and a long service-life for your 

Regular preventive maintenance helps to avoid costly production downtime. Our service program is not simply a universal inspection exercise that doesn’t take operational conditions into consideration. We offer a specific program adapted exactly to the conditions of operation of your machine.

For balancing, measurement or diagnosis, whether you are dealing with frequently changing small batches or large production volumes, with miniature rotors or rotors weighing 300 tons, whether you are producing low cost consumer goods or complex, high-tech products – for all these varying requirements we will be able to provide a customized solution.
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